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Hello DW EOT!

As we near the May 20th Block Captain Kickoff, I would like to inform the team that I have been hard at work getting the EOT Website ready for the rollout. And yes, we will be ready! I invite you all to take a look at the site and its new features. Here is a summary of what has been added and what will be coming for the rollout:

Added and tested:

  • Live radio feed for any logged in team member.
    • If you are a block captain or a team manager, you can listen in on the two way radio feed from anywhere on the planet to stay in touch with the latest real time operations – A great feature if you have bugged out for an event and want to stay tuned to the latest from the on site team.
  • Audio announcements/instructions for the general DW population and team operations specific announcements
    • Managers can dial in to a dedicated phone number to record audio instructions, news, or disaster related information. These recordings will update in real time and can be played immediately from the website and propagated to social media.
    • The recordings are then transcribed to text and can be propagated to cell phone SMS text messaging for dissemination to the masses. This allows managers located either at or away from Dunes West to get information out to the team and residents even if Internet connectivity is down.

In progress:

  • Team Member Dashboard
    • If you are logged in as a Team Member (i.e Block Captain or Team Manager), we are implementing an operations dashboard with essential resources and links for team members. Operational guides will be available, reported hazards in the footprint of DW, team contacts and phone numbers, Current members on site with locations.

If you would like to check out some of these features, please visit the site from your computer, phone, or tablet at http://www.dw-safety.com.

Click the Login Link on the main menu, and use the following sample username and password until we get y’all in the system…

Username: dwmember

Password: member123


Welcome to the Dunes West EOT Website

Welcome Dunes West EOT members!

This is the first official test post and broadcast message to the core test team. The site is operational and ready for test, tweaks, adjustments, fixes, etc. We are proud to begin trials on the site and are confident that it will quickly become a powerful tool to assist the team and provide our community members with valuable and timely information related to the team’s mission. There is still plenty of work to be done. However, your input and suggestions are essential to the project’s success.

This is week one which will comprise the small group of team members already emailed for initial tests and certifications. Subsequent weeks will see the site rolled out to the rest of the team. You should begin receiving texts and emails wth direct links to the information for further details. Please report if you are not receiving or have any issues.

Here are some of the features we hope to roll out to the public and/or team members over the next few months:

  • subscriber opt in for automated emails to subscribers, team members, block captains to include latest safety or non emergency related posts
  • opt in for automated text messages to subscribers, team members, block captains to include latest safety or non emergency related posts
  • opt out and subscriber profile edit options
  • Emergency alerts or disaster related information and/or instruction
  • Safety related documents, tips, videos, etc.
  • incident reporting and status map of the Dunes West Footprint
  • Instructions, procedures, and up to date information for team members and block captains
  • Events announcements and invitations to EOT related meetings or events
  • Storm/weather related alerts and RSS news feeds
  • Audio announcements and integration into our two-way radio network
  • Disaster and emergency modes designed to provide information when normal communication paths are compromised.

Please send an email to  webadmin@dw-safety.com for any suggestions and information related to the test campaign. If you would like to contribute to the site as a content editor, please email to the same address above. Once again, you assistance and input is essential to the system’s success.


John Tumminelli


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