Greetings from Allied Universal

Greetings to all the Dunes West Residents. I am sure we are all glad to see the scorching
summer months behind us and the cooler fall weather moving in. Kids are now in school and morning
traffic has gotten a little heavier again, we ask that you take the time to slow down and be mindful of
the kids at the bus stops and the frequent stops the buses have to make in the mornings and
When you are expecting guest please ensure that you inform them that if they are driving they
will be required to show a driver’s license and if they do not have it on them they will be turned around
at the gate. While we understand that people sometimes forget things we often get the same people
forgetting their license and the guards do not have the option of letting them in without it.
When calling in passes please speak clearly and slowly. The Guards do not always understand
the name you are calling in and they do their best to make sure the name is put in correctly. The best
method for putting in passes is to go online and enter the pass on your own. This will ensure that the
spelling of the name and dates are correct. If you leave a message and we do not understand you,
we will try to call you if time allows to clarify the information you left.
Lastly, contract work is not permitted on Sundays or on Holidays. If you are not sure what will
qualify you can contact the gate or the POA office ahead of time to ask. Contractors who show up
after hours or on Sundays and Holidays will be turned around at the gate. If you have any questions,
please contact the gate and ask for a supervisor or contact the POA office.

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